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My free software on GitHub

Github hosts two of my projects. Let’s discover my free software on GitHub : Outguess and Review Sherlock. Outguess is an advanced steganography tool for mac. Outguess : https://github.com/rbcafe/outguess Review Sherlock : App Store and Mac App Store Analysis Review Sherlock : https://github.com/Rbcafe/Review-Sherlock Outguess and Review sherlock are free software for mac Fan of GitHub […]

Review Sherlock on Softpedia

Softpedia did an article about Review Sherlock. Analyze the feedback given by the users in a centralized manner. Download, view and analyze reviews posted by users from all over the world for any application in the Apple App Store or Mac App Store Review Sherlock offers you the possibility to analyze the performance of an […]

Review Sherlock is free

Merry christmas to all. Review Sherlock is now free. Download You can download Review sherlock software using this link. Version 1.0.2 Review sherlock is free Interface fix. Note To obtain more information about Review Sherlock or to obtain support from Rbcafe, you can contact me via the Support panel.

Review Sherlock Price

Dear Users of Review Sherlock, The price of “Review Sherlock” drops from $ 29.99 to $ 9.99. “Review Sherlock is your software to analyze all the reviews posted on the App Store and the Mac App Store. Review Sherlock retrieves all the reviews of all countries at once. Review Sherlock has a clear and precise […]

Review Sherlock 1.0.2

Release of Review Sherlock 1.0.2. Review sherlock was just updated to version 1.0.2.   In this update : Addition of the “data mining” window. Addition of “data mining” export to xml and txt. Addition of an interactive map to display the reviews in the extracted countries. Addition of an interactive map to display the rates […]

Review Sherlock 1.0.1

Release of Review Sherlock 1.0.1. Review sherlock was just updated to version 1.0.1.   In this update : Correction of the buying link. Correction of the deletion of an application. Correction of the deletion of all applications. You can now consult the review in a specific field.   Examples : Partial review of the Facebook […]

Install Review Sherlock with Brew

If you want to install Review Sherlock with Brew and Cask, it’s really easy.   Review Sherlock was recently added on the Cask repository. Now you can install Review Sherlock with a simple command…   In the terminal, type :   brew cask install review-sherlock   Result :   🍺 review-sherlock was successfully installed!   […]

Add an application to Review Sherlock

How to add an application inside Review Sherlock ? Adding an application inside review Sherlock for analysis is pretty simple and straight forward. Launch Review Sherlock. Click the Review Sherlock Icon application to launch Review Sherlock. Click the “Add” tool button. When you click the “Add” tool button a new window appears inside Review Sherlock. […]