What is Yang and most of all what is Nikto ?


Yang is yet another Nikto GUI;

Yang is a software for analyzing and securing your servers.


Yang establishes diagnostics on :

– HTTP and SSL elements.
– Flaws in your server components.
– Dangerous files/CGIs.
– Leaked scripts.
– Outdated server software and other problems.

It performs generic and server type specific checks. It also captures and prints any cookies received. Conduct a proper investigation into the security of your servers with Yang.

Features of Yang :

1) Yang is $9.99, released on Mac App Store , unlimited usages and domains.
2) Yang analyzes your network in one easy step ‘Launch button’.
3) Yang is easy to configure for Network administrator.
4) Yang is actually translated into English and French.

Download Yang

 Download Yang from Mac App Store Download Yang from Apple Website

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