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Cryptix 1.0.3
Cryptography for MacOSX.

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 Wedding_Planner Wedding Planner

 Wedding Planner
Wedding Planner
Prepare your Wedding.
 Wedding Planner

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 Rbcafe Rbcafe / Wedding Planner : Planning and budgeting your wedding easily
Wedding Planner : Plan your wedding.

 Wedding Planner

Wedding planner helps you prepare your wedding with ease. Record your activities and plan your budget easily.

Key feature of Wedding Planner

1) Wedding Planner is 1.99$, available on Mac App Store.
2) Wedding Planner is for Mac OSX
3) Wedding Planner is easy to use.

Download Wedding Planner
 Download Wedding Planner from Mac App Store Download Wedding Planner from Apple Website

Wedding Planner's Screenshots

 Wedding Planner

 Wedding Planner Preparations

 Wedding Planner Tools

 Wedding Planner Budget

 Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner's history

Version 1.0.0

- Initial release.

Version 1.0.1

- Addition of text color for percentage.
- Addition of note exportation importation.
- Addition of total percent calculation.
- Addition of canadian dollars, roubles, yen, yuan currency.
- Addition of total budget expense on budget.
- Addition of real time calculation in preparations.
- Addition of bride and groom selector.
- Addition of countdown day before wedding.
- Correction of wedding date selector.
- Correction of preparation exportation.
- Correction of graphics.
- Correction of version information.

Version 1.0.2

- Addition of preparation erasing for one group.
- Addition of contextual menu for notes.
- Addition of a preparation menu selector.
- Addition of new calendar instead of date selector.
- Correction of preparations.
- Correction of navigation.
- Correction of code source.

Version 1.0.3

- Addition of idea section for notes and photos. (Photos are Symbolic links, and are not copied.)
- Addition of notes for every preparation.
- Addition of help bubbles for preparations icons.
- Addition of help menu. (documentation soon...)
- Addition of printing for notes.
- Addition of icons on the left menu.
- Addition of new graphics for main preparation.
- Addition of number of items in main preparation.
- Addition of Twitter link.
- Correction of locking.
- Correction of preparations.
- Correction of export-Import.
- Correction of menubar.
- Correction of preferences window.

Version 1.0.4

- Addition of font size selector for budget.
- Addition of currency display choice.
- Correction of lists in budget.
- Correction of unexpected quit.
- Correction of activity tabulation.
- Correction of font size in budget.
- Correction of code.

Version 1.0.5

- Correction of code.
- Correction of export.
- Correction of menu.

Version 1.0.6

- Addition of contacts.
- Addition of statistics.
- Addition of menu 'Erase all contacts'.
- Addition of menu 'Contacts'.
- Addition of number of ideas.
- Addition of number of tasks.
- Support of 10.6.8.
- Support of the Retina display.
- Correction of all messages.
- Correction of budget.
- Correction of image deletion.
- Correction of import and export.
- Correction of preparations.
- Correction of percentage decimal.
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