Crypt encrypts your files using strong encryption. Cryptext encrypts your notes using AES 256. Cryptix encodes, decodes, compress, decompress, encrypts, decrypts files, datas, texts. ECM allows you to reduce the size of a typical CD image file. Hash is your free utility to validate the check sum a file (file checksum). Inventaire Outguess is an advanced steganography tool. Outguess will conceal your document inside image (JPG) of your choice. Time Up is your countdown timer for OS X. Tracking is the all-in-one tool to analyze the application launches, the system changes inside your computer. Voice converts your texts to audio files easily… Write your text, click export. You’ll obtain an audio file of your writing. Wedding Planner helps you prepare your wedding with ease. Record your activities and plan your budget easily. Worktime is a stopwatch application which allows you to calculate the time charged for your achievements and work. Moreover it is a simple stopwatch software and a complete time tracking tool. Yang conducts a proper investigation into the security of your servers with Yang. Zen helps you to focus on your writing.

Welcome to Rb Cafe

Rbcafe provides data encryption, generators, softwares and security softwares for Mac OS X since 2004.

Since 2010, Rb Cafe distributes softwares on the Mac App Store.
 Crypt  Cryptext

cryptix ECM

 Hash  Inventaire

 Outguess  Time Up

 Tracking  Voice

 Wedding planner  Worktime

 Yang  Zen

Since 2010, I created 14 softwares. The main software of the Rbcafe adventure was Cryptix.

Rbcafe softwares

Crypt - Cryptext - Cryptix - ECM - Hash - Inventaire - Outguess - Time Up
Tracking - Voice - Wedding Planner - Worktime - Yang - Zen

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